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These words seep out of the thin midnight and early morning cracks of time in my life. Every day these words release me. Hopefully they do something exciting for you as well.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Coos River First of Fall

Ripe salmon and
apples plump
spawning season nears
fishermen drip off the vine
blackberries in boats
constructed of fall leaves
attempt to raise
from rivers depths.

-Kendall Messner 06

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shlahttle Blendithall

Guberotten Gashillie Guygone
OOO Guygone OOO Guygone OOO Eye,
Mutooshen Mashillie Moinkin
OOO Moinkin, OOO Moinkin OOO My

Zoinkin Shlahttle Blendithall
Bittled en Cattlax Qualms
Kroinkin Shlahttle Blendithall
Emprattled en Walted Shwalms

Mar Lie dee Lie, Dee Lie Lay!

Guberotten Gashillie Guygone
OOO Guygone OOO Guygone OOO Eye,
Mutooshen Mashillie Moinkin
OOO Moinkin, OOO Moinkin OOO My

Buxtied Shlahttle Blendithall
Kaxle en Breastogg Glue
Taznied Shlahttle Blendithall
Emprattled OoWhyWhy OoLue.

-Kendall Messner 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Drunken roots

"I aint never drunk on the job never"
Said the swaying beer gutted regular at local pub.

I think.

"Guess you have never laid fence in Idaho in November,
Where it's mandatory,
At least for the 90% of us that wanted to stay warm
(And yes, the majority of warm bodies Mormonorman)"

"Guess you have never been a bartender in Montana,
Where it still is an insult if you don't throw down a shot
Bought by a regular."

"Probably you have never worked around beer or booze or
As those are positions that can result in a well wetted whistle"

Comedy is great, as; when you are funny-
They buy you the booze.
Then again, you are not so funny.

And I don't see the lonely child and brazenly drunken parents fund
Contributing too much booze to the 'Chore'
Of taking care of the kids.

They are waiting for the best high in their world
For you.
Put it down,
Get back to your roots and live before
You become a vegetable.

Kendall Messner 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

Totally Free

"Totally Free"
she said to me
taking my clothes
as my flower rose
to her bubbling spring
to skinny dipping
in the fountain at the Bon
we really got it on.
People throwing money
as the juice started running
from between our thighs
into their eyes
old ladies with carts
old men with farts
stare masters with minds
paced on our behinds
on vital places
we saw their faces
tongues were wagging
breasts were sagging
we came and they left
we caught our breath
she had our kid in an hour
we had him gift wrapped
and we laughed
as we named him
"Totally Free"

-Kendall Messner '06

Friday, May 26, 2006


Tested intestinal
tract record
ripped through opening
into sun
heart slowing
brain glowing
spirit transending
body ending
and it's
out the

-Kendall Messner 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We Beat The Rain

Grey plus grey equals grey.
Born and raised in Coos Bay.
Sunset Jr. High
funny name for a school in Empire
I guess Fog Bank Jr. High
doesn't have much of a ring.
Growing up is painful
enough without the

But we beat the rain,
learned to make our own light,
grew up from inside out.

And now we return
sharing the fact that we all faced it
together with our friendships and
confusion and conviction.
And we return
with tales of sunshine
and hopefully now
some color on our faces
to match that light inside
that helped us beat the rain.

-Kendall Messner 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Grand Finale

He was laughing
and singing,
chuckling up a storm.
He was happy
and screaming,
he finally felt warm
He'd achieved the dream
he'd always wished for.
Everything didn't
matter anymore.
The beautiful feeling
that's in your head,
when you pump it
full of lead.

Kendall Messner '06

Friday, March 24, 2006

Go and Do

To go and to do
has always tried to
push through
to you.

Life is waiting.

The lesson
of movement
of love
so much to you,
to go and to do.

Life is calling.

To sit and to think
is all good and well
sit long and you'll stink
or go strait to hell.

Life is moving.

The moon and the sun
your heart, everyone
shouts out your cue
to go and to do.

Kendall Messner 06

Thursday, March 23, 2006


We work our souls over
like potential dough.

not the money kind
the inner mind
fuel the motions
reason gets a grip
squeezes, blends
and sends
The Crisis Oven.

Will I rise
or fall?
Do nothing at
Burst into

Have a gooey middle?
Taste like dog piddle?

Who cares?

Making bad bread is
than none at all.

Kendall Messner 06

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grandmother Universe

Coin lust ruins
scatter desolate
rust laden cock and
barrel reminder.
What's past past is past.

For future fathers farther
down desperate doorway
to timidly turn
humbly heal
and realize.

Lust is folly,
Folly is something
all else is nothing
lust is good.

Need stone fingers
four peaks
a square dismantled.

Lost wind gives birth
to whirling nothing
gutted backed ruins howl
abandoned empty.
Loneliness echo's
manifestations striking
useless thoughts
revealed through dust

Life is an intrusive
a taunting oasis,
Could be sucked dry
in the brittle snap
of a bone, a gun,
a dream.

-Kendall Messner 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006


Like a paper plane
folded from
a spiral bound
in a notebook
used for laughing
at the

An incomplete thought
scribbled across the
serves as a
racing stripe.

I'm thinking and flying.
will land
enjoying the rush of
air as I
reach for peace.

Kendall Messner '06

Friday, March 17, 2006

*** * *** ** * *********

The pearl nose piece
glowed in the moonlight.
Dicky Death-Breath
shifted his infinity ridden
gaze to
Franny Humpsalot's
shapely bust and
undressing her in a
cool wave of

-Kendall Messner '06

*** *** **** **** ***

Screams of switchblade
echo across stone
flint and steel
cutting meat.

-Kendall Messner '06

Consumption Unit

I, He, She, We
-Kendall Messner '06

**** *** **** **** ****

Goddess of the green
living on a rock
licking at the moss
directing river talk.

-Kendall Messner '06

****** ****** ******

We are like a recipe called
"a person"
each of us has the same ingredients
just different amounts.

Kendall Messner '06


Last Greyhound
glazes HWY 99 over.

Wet rustle of yet to
be fallen leaves within
swollen stomaches.

The texture of lumberjack
The swerve of angry answers
to my questioning thumb.

No More.

I am moved
I am focussed.

These moments are sizzling as the laminator
rolls it's hot press
over my memory.

-Kendall Messner '06

Friday, January 20, 2006


"So long"
she said
running fingers
through my hair
as we
the barber

-Kendall Messner 2006


Sand grey
dune sky rolls
off the coast of
where growths sprout
and die
or survive
in order to
continue to
either die
or survive.

Kendall Messner 2006


I am a run in her
and I just cant

-Kendall Messner 2006


Everyone has
something going on
with everyone else.

-Kendall Messner -2006

Friday, January 06, 2006


One time
One last time
One last time this time
One last time this time and I mean it.

-Kendall Messner 2006

Thursday, December 22, 2005

King John

There once lived a man
named King John
and he was King,
King of everything...
except himself.

He ruled the jungle
mastered the sea
he managed to be
all he could be...
except himself.

Women, power and gold
servants doing just as told.
He sized all he saw
from far and wide
looking everywhere...
except inside.

Do you think King John
was happy with his ride
choosing his "out" over his

Kendall Messner -2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

Seasons Greedings

Walkin' in a
wasted and
wired winter

'Tis the season
to roll eyes
shrug shoulders
impatiently tap feet
hurry and buy now
beat traffic
grab rum
drink eggnog

Cash registers ring
are you listenin'?
Jingle Ling
what are we missin'?

Compassion and
humility hide
in front of our
hands raised
rarely called on
as we fall
with the snow.

-Kendall Messner 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Cold Sweat.
It is accelerating
Life disc is getting burned
glitching on replay.
Edges of calcium deprived
reality skeleton
falling forward through time
slipping over
the questions beneath
your feet you ask
"Stop for a minute please"
and a year passes
before the last syllable
leaves your lips.

Kendall Messner 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

Drilled for Oil

Drunken bullets
stumbled across his
chest vomiting
red morsels
inspirationally into
the air.

A spray of meat filled spirits
dripped with slaughterhouse

Miniature mouths smack satisfactions.
Wet brick pantomimes
clot up choke holes
of juicy desire
while curiosity wads
swim the great escape.

brilliant gold
exhilaration turns

Purple resignation
a black

Kendall Messner 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

Monday Meeting

The posturing salespeople
bullshit their way
into the war room
loudly proclaiming
contacts within every
living organism
and W-2's that could
pay off the national
deficit as
Marketing Masters
mutter about messaging
and how they need to change
the way the organisms
in the sales people's
back pockets
perceive the product suite
while the energetic engineers
engage in building better
in their

-Kendall Messner


Alive means
a means to
right now.

"Dead ain't creative"
ghost told me in dream.

I am writing
you are reading
we are alive.

-Kendall Messner

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Balance is
until it
to all
but the one

-kendall messner

Friday, November 18, 2005


Flu flew through me
I slowed down.
Pandemic fears
blathered about on
boob tube
as internal tumbling
match is lost.

quickest route to

permant illness
a mirror will show
everything I
need to know.

-Kendall Messner

Friday, November 11, 2005

Too Heavy to Hold On

Bruised egos
below branches of
Insecurity Tree.

Careful where
you step and
where you don't
it gets
asinine in this
shady grave

Defending every
that brought
this rotting
reality to fruition.

Fallen fruit
the eaten while

-Kendall Messner

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Neon Baseball Cap

The fallen hippie
freezes within a
watering hole where
his dollar driven
bill babbles about the sixties
as new millennium glows
nuclear green.

-Kendall Messner

Buffalo Chip

"Who's the Indian?"
asks the child
looking at a native
drinking a coke
and eating a Big Mac.

In the distance
a kilt laden
pale wind
raises spirits
in the form of dust
from the earth
with feathers prayer
and dance.

-Kendall Messner

Friday, October 21, 2005

Tic Talk

Tic Talk
Don't you see me?
My eyes cut running
bleeding for the
childhood friend.

Thinking about responsibilities
what the hell?
How else can a guy
screw with the system
the up
and be rebelliously

infatuated with a thing called
my life
my knife
my god what an ugly shirt
sure, your mother bought it....
Who's in charge here?
who's in charge here...
Who's in charge here.
Take a breath
skip a beat.
Don't touch my toys.
OK, but only your mouth.

The point?
Oh yes...please.

He was so horny
that stranger
called me
back then.

Wonder what
sprinkler systems
squirt a gooey
substance sauce
into an enema investigator's mouth.

Then a tear
two fists battering
the sky
the friend
fragile singing
on a rope
snapping, screaming
inside our hero's

Parents periods
question marks
the responsibility.
Stale chicken or
stuck in my

What did you do?
Where is my son?
Why won't you
answer me?

-Kendall Messner
posted by Kendall Me

Ahead of the House

Private temples for pupils
in every home
in the home
of the brave.

In front of flashing
couches dilated
and dreaming.

Now dances along
edges of eyes.

Now angry wife
Now neglected child
Now pained planet
Now reflection appears distressed.
Now ignored.

While getting beer between commercials
While getting stomach stapled
While getting a divorce
they fall to death

We are falling
every day.
Take notice,
or sleep in cement.

-Kendall Messner

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Against Chilly Flow

They are pale middle fingers
light green with the chill
frantic lantern eyes
boil in ice.
I dream of children
building sand castles
in Alaska.

-Kendall Messner

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hacksaw Man

Arrest him!
He's insane, criminally
Made an A-Bomb
pop rocks
gestures and mumbles
to personal realities
so lock him up
lock her up
lock it up
non sterile mirrors are
too bright.

Either you're locked up
or you're locking up
keeping bars erect
but never ejaculating or

We're all insane
locked up
and all the keys are
buried in a
disposal site
somewhere back east.

I'm the hacksaw man
your soft soul cushion
with teeth.

Janitor in the corner
with a saw called
the solvent of

Show me your cell
we'll dig for release.

-Kendall Messner


Better dead with all
blood drained away than
alive with it rotting.

-Kendall Messner

Shading in the Sun

The blond beach
writhes with hot patches
of color.

Yellow, red, brown,
beach ball mentality
gets washed away
with the tide.

-Kendall Messner

Closing Time

The dimly wit
bar room sloshes
to the tapping of the

Smooth seducer slurs
a shimmering wet line
into smashed open pink

-Kendall Messner

Friday, October 07, 2005

Extreme Games

If you are falling
with a rope tied around
your neck,

Is it more or less
terrifying to know
when the rope
will reach
the end.


Sometimes it is fear of falling
or a battle not to blush
vanity tugs right
pride pulls left
in the middle is a
head rush.


-Kendall Messner

Denial and Affirmation,
The ravines and mountains
of our being.


A habit is
a rabbit that hops across
your mind.

Everybody has something going
with everyone else.

Greasy stakes
driven speedily
through the heart
on counter tops
at McDonald's


-Kendall Messner


I felt like a wolf
as her sweater fleeced to
the ground
and my eyes lit up.

-Kendall Messner


Not like my father
a waving flag
attached by a string
to a pole
in some concrete
beneath the ground.
Am not like my mother
encased in a coffin
dad calls home
inside her mind
dead bolted.
I am not my brother
a set of eyes
frozen on a spot
an academic spirit
lips bubbling lucidly
pre programmed sermons.
I'm myself
only seeing what I can
an on-off switch
emitting warmth
and light when turned on
drifting into perfect
when left
Kendall Messner


Life is a
"who done it"
mystery in which
everyone is guilty.

-Kendall Messner

Tossed Away

Automatic writing
without thought
without premeditation
riddles the page with
ill preparation
tearing holes of truth through
the air after being wadded
hurled towards the can
for being imprecise
for being human
for being

-Kendall Messner


Blasted by a beerage
of politics.

A pitcher of Ale
in my uncle's stomach
at a pizza parlor
before the elections.

My third birthday.

-Kendall Messner

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Awake started
from slumber
the ice caked
coffin lid
laden lake
lifted spirits
from my
sickled bones.

Fell into frozen
slow confusion
bionic man
without the bionic

Waking to warm
sheets shrug
fall back
to astral

-Kendall Messner

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The Present
should be straitened
with a Sledge-hammer.

-Kendall Messner

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Do or Do Not

Destiny cuffs
in ear.

Curiousity kicks
in balls.

Contrary holds
arms as Rebel
pounds ribs
and stomach.

Doubled over
a boot in rump
from Alcohol puts
away for night.

-Kendall Messner

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

3 Year Old Ties it Together

Tea party
bride has a
web for
a veil
Velma solves
the mystery of
the sleeping babies
as Elasta-Girl rustles
cattle and Elmo
milks a cow for
Minnie who fell off
of a horse and
calls Mickey
to tell him
she is
just having a
tea party

-Kendall Messner

Monday, September 19, 2005

Playing Contractor

making a

Took a day
to build biggest
in universe,
entire castles
erected and torn
down in
blink of

building a house

Contractors, plumbers
and electricians
not needed
for fort.

an afternoon
you can get your hands on
-and god help
the parents if
you find
the shovel

-Kendall Messner

Today's Spotlight is Brighter

There once were thousands of eyes
focused on this person that was
me but is not
me anymore.

My children's eyes are
more intense than that
the stare of alcoholics
hungry for a laugh.

It is morning
it is still dark
I am vibrating with
an anxious excitement.

There is nothing to run from
or new town to escape to

Tomorrow will be like today
only closer

-Kendall Messner

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Freshly Made

You and me
give and take.
I write
you read.

Back and forth
push pull
in out
left right.

I spread these
sheets out for you
nice and smooth
tucked in
at the

Lay down
and have a new

-Kendall Messner Copyright © 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Devours large print
prunes under artificial rain
cheerily spoons O's,
groans gravel to smooth
naps on naugahyde
sweat sits to ecstasy flush.

Remembers forgottens
listens to feelings
as wrinkles cycle her
historic face.


Wrinkle is but a blink
like all of us.

-Kendall Messner Copyright © 2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Desert Cleaning

Ego thunders in the hills
lightening my load
cloudy verbal storm
my mouth
wielding rain's bow
echoes hit their mark
howl of nothing
bounces back

Sage brushes against
revelations of lava
which grow boulder and boulder
in the canyon of understanding
filling it in
damming it up.

Dry calm removes spinning
gear from head.

Sit in silence.
Take a real breath.

Remember that feeling.

Head back home
water fist blasts
rock wall away
erosive rush runs
lingering enlightenment aside.

-Kendall Messner Copyright © 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time Changes

It used to be easy
to be definite.
Now it is definitely easy
to be used.

-Kendall Messner Copyright © 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

Java You Think

Waiting for coffee
to begin
kicking my
rumbling engine
to life

flushing out
the crude
igniting synapse

monsters and angels
begin to tango
earth flows
sky strobes

light floods the attic
greenhouse burns pink
eggs taste like ham
milk chills in the oven
as a pizza bubbles in
the fridge.

There is a knocking at
the door
but the door is now a wall.
Knock all you want
just keep time with my heart.
Coffee better kick
in soon
I am

Kendall Messner Copyright © 2005

Monday, August 22, 2005

Timing is Everything

Fishing for cracks in time to
drift into with interest.

Seeking suitable sliver
of darkness to dampen
times unrelenting march.

Looking for fragmented
composition to complete without
consequence of a child that could
have used the attention

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

About Face

Check out a recently published poem titled "About Face". It was published by the Yellow Bat Press.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Only perfect quiet will do.
Never again, you mutter through
dry cracked lips trying to get your
dry cracked brain back.

Went to the garden where
Hunter, Hemingway and Dylan Thomas
frolicked with wild drunken eyes
seeing the world new
making each moment an
instant classic.

Pay-back is a bitch
aspirin is not working.
Life goes on
and last night
was almost
worth it.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Opening Encore

Her eyes are huge
her arms are tiny
she is my little girl.

Legs move
lips tight and determined
tell me she is working
hard to run fast
and is enjoying it.

She has a voice
that matches her
frail body and
great big eyes.
It is as though
she is singing
each time she speaks.

I am on my feet
her audience
wanting more.

Kendall Messner C 2005

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Circle Of Friends

Carry me to the other side
with self fueled pride
The bitching masses can have
They deserve it.

Unless you are in my circle
don't touch me.

Objectivity is an illusion
and I don't need to bounce
my ideas
against your baggage
riddled wall
to see which direction you
send my thought spinning.

I know my ideas
are valid.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

Past Sleep

This Poem has been published and is available for viewing at


* *

His hand pressed hers
they walked and talked
got married
had kids

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005


On Fours

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Friday, July 22, 2005

Weak End

Thinking Locomotive
Sputtering on Sleep and
Shaking in Chaos

With Weekend the
weakened get simple
Less of everything except sleep and laughter

Must hurry up and do a whole bunch on Fried Day
so that I can relax.

"I think I can"

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Monday, July 18, 2005

How About A Drink? -Monologue

You know what makes me mad?
It's the people, the people that just don't get it,
They don't get it don't have a damn clue you know?
Taxes and exercising and driving around in circles
Home and work and home again, like rats
on a treadmill it is a circle..OPEN YOUR EYES...I just want to shake them.
It is like don't you realize,
Yes, I'll have another,
Don't you realize that you are missing the point of
Why you are here?
We are here?
I mean having pets and kids and cars and responsabilities are all fine and well but at some point it has got to be time to look out for you.
That is all I am pure ass saying, and the way you are looking at me I can tell that you don't really agree with what I am saying but isnt that just one more hang up?
Why do we all have to agree on everything to be happy?
Get over it.
I gotta go, kids have soccer, then bills then bed then work....
repeat only about 10,575 times and I will be done.
Can you get this one?

-Kendall Messner Copyright © 2005

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Morning is broken

Day two after return from vacation
Fresh perspective fills us up.
Time erodes the memories.

Familiar Feeling.

Vacation is a short burst of change
usually designed to be pleasurable
and for some change is really the chief source of this Pleasure.

I enjoyed the new hat
as family fun conductor.

Now I am trying to be the work fun conductor.
without the family or hotels or beaches or eating out or sight seeing or games.

Holding on.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Monday, July 11, 2005


Strawberry stems smeared
with chocolate scattered
in wax drippings on
the mantle.

This morning the kids
don't have an edge.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

RIP Tide

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Edges of the Treadmill

This Poem has been published and is available for viewing at

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Wheels roll where sandals and high heels trod
Head side to side, on the even plane
wheeling to higher ground looking up
as the ones without excuses
fail to notice.
Beautiful obvious.

- Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Friday, June 24, 2005

Myday not Friday

End of energy
Weekend Calls
Sleep and Time
With ones I love

Sometimes it is hard to
Follow through with
Carpe Diem
Despite knowing
the moment is all
that we ever have

New energy
Weekend Calls
Laughter and Play
With the ones I love.

Sometimes it is easier
like now.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Haves And Have Nots

The haves have
time to make eye contact with their kids

The have-nots have
a boat in the side garage that never gets

The have-nots have
dinner served by a nervous
French guy
on silk and china.

The haves have
supper served by mom
with napkins and a smile.

The have-nots have
half of everything and
a bill.

The haves have each other.

-Kendall Messner C2005

Thursday, June 23, 2005


This Poem was published and is now available for viewing at

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dry Inside

Sunshine is moonshine
When working inside
trying to not think about it
forces you to think about it
nothing to do about it
try to forget about it.

Prohibition from nine to five.
Finally you are free to go,
Punch out and get punch drunk
swimming in the rays.

Dance until it is dark
See you tomorrow.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Technical Relief

This Poem is now available for viewing in it's final form at the following site:


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Heap of Trouble

Next time you say
"I'm not going to die on that hill"
be careful.
More often than not people die
on a hill
that consists
of many

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Monday, June 20, 2005


You have no idea how hard I am hitting the letters on my keyboard as I write this
bits of plastic shrapnel drilling the front of my computer monitor, the side of the phone,
tripping off of the edge of my desk

Slowly the implied rage one once was able to translate to the writing by breaking lead or pressing excessively hard on the page has gone away. The first typewriters did not hide the fact that some words may have come from a more frustrated place due to over indentation. But the modern computers have washed this completely away with language laser surgery.

Now we have the words and an occasional computer trick to create an inorganic illusion.

I am still beating the hell out of my keys.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

CleanWords MessyReality

Puke is cleaner than barf or regurgitate.

I will clean up the puke
You go and deal with the Vomit.

A toot smells better than
a fart, or flatuate.

These are things to contemplate.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

No Wrongs Make a Right

Why do poems that rhyme sound so corny?

Some of these poems will rhyme.

Why does so much poetry seem like scattered thought?

Some of these poems will be scattered.

Isn't poetry supposed to make you feel something?

No. Some of these poems will leave you feeling nothing.

Perfectly ordered random chaos with words.

Lets experiment and play.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Welcome to Flowetry in Motion

no edits
no wrongs
only writes
the greatest write being the act of writing itself.

Open up
embrace the page
we learn together how
to freestyle with style
One day at a time.

This is my fix
you are my mirror
Help me keep writing or
I will disappear.

-Kendall Messner
Copyright © 2005

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Thursday, August 26, 1993

For No Reason at All

Tasting the secret of
on a bike that
doesn't work
beneath clouds that
will not part
beside loud belching
toxic trucks.

It rushes into my open mouth.
Smiles fill in the
between inhale and

Kendall Messner Copyright © 1993

Tuesday, August 25, 1992

Construction Worker

Pliable flesh
wood hardly floor
a hammered carpenter
unless he were
feeling naughty
because his vice was

-Kendall Messner Copyright © 1992

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