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Friday, October 21, 2005

Tic Talk

Tic Talk
Don't you see me?
My eyes cut running
bleeding for the
childhood friend.

Thinking about responsibilities
what the hell?
How else can a guy
screw with the system
the up
and be rebelliously

infatuated with a thing called
my life
my knife
my god what an ugly shirt
sure, your mother bought it....
Who's in charge here?
who's in charge here...
Who's in charge here.
Take a breath
skip a beat.
Don't touch my toys.
OK, but only your mouth.

The point?
Oh yes...please.

He was so horny
that stranger
called me
back then.

Wonder what
sprinkler systems
squirt a gooey
substance sauce
into an enema investigator's mouth.

Then a tear
two fists battering
the sky
the friend
fragile singing
on a rope
snapping, screaming
inside our hero's

Parents periods
question marks
the responsibility.
Stale chicken or
stuck in my

What did you do?
Where is my son?
Why won't you
answer me?

-Kendall Messner
posted by Kendall Me

Ahead of the House

Private temples for pupils
in every home
in the home
of the brave.

In front of flashing
couches dilated
and dreaming.

Now dances along
edges of eyes.

Now angry wife
Now neglected child
Now pained planet
Now reflection appears distressed.
Now ignored.

While getting beer between commercials
While getting stomach stapled
While getting a divorce
they fall to death

We are falling
every day.
Take notice,
or sleep in cement.

-Kendall Messner

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Against Chilly Flow

They are pale middle fingers
light green with the chill
frantic lantern eyes
boil in ice.
I dream of children
building sand castles
in Alaska.

-Kendall Messner

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hacksaw Man

Arrest him!
He's insane, criminally
Made an A-Bomb
pop rocks
gestures and mumbles
to personal realities
so lock him up
lock her up
lock it up
non sterile mirrors are
too bright.

Either you're locked up
or you're locking up
keeping bars erect
but never ejaculating or

We're all insane
locked up
and all the keys are
buried in a
disposal site
somewhere back east.

I'm the hacksaw man
your soft soul cushion
with teeth.

Janitor in the corner
with a saw called
the solvent of

Show me your cell
we'll dig for release.

-Kendall Messner


Better dead with all
blood drained away than
alive with it rotting.

-Kendall Messner

Shading in the Sun

The blond beach
writhes with hot patches
of color.

Yellow, red, brown,
beach ball mentality
gets washed away
with the tide.

-Kendall Messner

Closing Time

The dimly wit
bar room sloshes
to the tapping of the

Smooth seducer slurs
a shimmering wet line
into smashed open pink

-Kendall Messner

Friday, October 07, 2005

Extreme Games

If you are falling
with a rope tied around
your neck,

Is it more or less
terrifying to know
when the rope
will reach
the end.


Sometimes it is fear of falling
or a battle not to blush
vanity tugs right
pride pulls left
in the middle is a
head rush.


-Kendall Messner

Denial and Affirmation,
The ravines and mountains
of our being.


A habit is
a rabbit that hops across
your mind.

Everybody has something going
with everyone else.

Greasy stakes
driven speedily
through the heart
on counter tops
at McDonald's


-Kendall Messner


I felt like a wolf
as her sweater fleeced to
the ground
and my eyes lit up.

-Kendall Messner


Not like my father
a waving flag
attached by a string
to a pole
in some concrete
beneath the ground.
Am not like my mother
encased in a coffin
dad calls home
inside her mind
dead bolted.
I am not my brother
a set of eyes
frozen on a spot
an academic spirit
lips bubbling lucidly
pre programmed sermons.
I'm myself
only seeing what I can
an on-off switch
emitting warmth
and light when turned on
drifting into perfect
when left
Kendall Messner


Life is a
"who done it"
mystery in which
everyone is guilty.

-Kendall Messner

Tossed Away

Automatic writing
without thought
without premeditation
riddles the page with
ill preparation
tearing holes of truth through
the air after being wadded
hurled towards the can
for being imprecise
for being human
for being

-Kendall Messner


Blasted by a beerage
of politics.

A pitcher of Ale
in my uncle's stomach
at a pizza parlor
before the elections.

My third birthday.

-Kendall Messner

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